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  • Carol Kok

5 Ways SQL Account Makes Accounting Fun

sql account for small business

Running your own business is exciting. But if you feel accounting is a black hole, boring and tedious, these feeling isn't your fault. It's the fault of bad or complicated method of accounting practices. Well good news is, there are now easy ways to handle your small business accounting to make accounting process simple, fun and worthy. You'll eventually enjoy tracking your money with accounting software.

Five ways SQL Account makes accounting fun.

1. You'll have the ability to document and view all of your income, expense, gross and net profit at a glance, which gives you a clear view of your finances in real-time.

2. Enjoy the freedom to view your accounts anywhere instead of going back to office, on any devices you have - Desktop, laptop, iPad or mobile phone.

3. View instantly who is owing you money and email a friendly reminder or statement of account directly to the person in charge.

4. Work together at the same time and share information with your team in SQL Account. There's no need to share a computer or exchange files using email or external drive.

5. There are handful of accounting reports ready to be generated with just a few click buttons. No more excel and delay in getting your favourite report.

When you use accounting software designed for small business that is much more intuitive and user friendly, you'll find making money while continually having access to what you're doing and watch your business grow should be a fun process. I can guarantee the first thing in the morning you want to check out is your accounting software.

We can’t wait to help you with any questions you may have about SQL Account and how you could integrate it into your own business.

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