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Accounting Software for Your Business

Run your business accounting with SQL Account. An accounting software designed for small business, easy to use, and everything in one place.


All in one place

Manage your invoices, inventory accounting all in one place.

Collaborate in real-time

Access up-to-date information for your team and accountant.

Better security & control

Keep your business data secure and control user accessibility.

Flexible & customisable

Easily search, filter & customise workflow to suit your needs.

All in one place

SQL Account is the perfect accounting software solution. You can keep your records organised and comply with regulation. 

  • Create invoice, track expense and payment

  • Suitable for company with or without inventory

  • Make year-end tax reporting an easy breeze

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Collaborate in real-time

Access SQL Account anytime, anywhere to work with your team, partners and accountant.

  • Access the up-to-date information whether from operation or management team

  • Allow your team to use the right tool for daily work to improve productivity

  • Transfer document from stage to stage, no more duplicated or missing transactions

Better security & control

Grant permission and set limits to allow who has access to your data.

  • Grant users access for specific module, whether to view, create, edit or delete.

  • Credit limit control to ensure prompt payment

  • Hide certain sensitive information from users to ensure data privacy 


Flexible & customisable

Easily search, filter & customise workflow to suit your needs.

  • Using only keyword, you can search partially or fully matched transaction records

  • Customise and arrange your layout to show what's important to you everyday

  • SQL Account is customisable to meet special workflow and reports from different industries.


Accounting software features

Send Quotes

Create and send your professional quote. Once accepted, convert it into invoice instantly.

Bills & Payment

Create, manage and pay your supplier bill on time. Get a clear overview of your cash flow.

Track Project

Monitor and track unlimited projects. Know your project details, cost and profitability anytime.

Send Invoices

Send your customised invoice to your clients and receive payment faster.


Keep track of orders, movement, stock levels, and see which item gives you the most profitability.


View real-time dashboard and reports anytime for analysis, decision making and compliance.

Receive Payment

Track which customer has make payment and send a statement to customer with overdue payment.

GST Return

SQL Account calculates your GST automatically so you submit GST return directly to IRAS.


Pay, get paid in any currencies. View reports in local and foreign currencies

Purchase Order

Create and send your orders to supplier. Convert easily and track any partial deliveries.

Bank Reconciliation

Easily confirm transactions in your bank account are recorded with the reconciliation feature.


You can choose the interface in English, Chinese, Malay, Thai to cater for individual needs

Trusted by more than 250,000 companies

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