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Dedicated Support Team

We know it’s not enough to have great software. Excellent support is crucial too. We have a dedicated and professional Customer Happiness Team ready to assist and help make your day better

Here at SQL Account, we offer two support options, designed to help you make the most of your SQL Accounting software. It keeps you up to date, compliant and technically supported.

SQL Account Business Support

SQL Account Business Support is a comprehensive support subscription that gives customers’ the software, support and services they need to keep their business operating efficiently and profitably. Sign up to our Business Support today and receive these great benefits:

Priority User Support

Get the support you need as quickly as possible from our dedicated team.

Technical Support

Assistance in troubleshooting to make sure your SQL Account is up and running in no time.


Stay compliant throughout your subscription period, with upgrades whenever released.

SQL Account Version Upgrade

SQL Account Version Upgrade ensures you are always on the latest compliant software. You will also benefit from the new built-in features. Upgrade Cover will safeguard your business, saving time and money.


Upgrade your existing version to latest to remain compatibility and compliance.

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Online Knowledge Base

If you need help, or want to learn more about our software, you’ve come to the right place. You can check out the help centers below, and if you need additional assistance!

Other Online Support That We Provide

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*Kindly note the support coverage is for Singapore region

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