What Is PEPPOL ?

Getting Your Business On-Board E-Invoicing

Connect To Network

Electronic invoicing or e-invoicing allows direct transmission of invoices in structured digital format from one finance system to another resulting in faster payment.

How Does E-Invoicing Work?

Singapore has, as the first country in Asia, decided to adopt an electronic invoicing standard called PEPPOL This standard allows companies and organisations to exchange invoices via a single network while being flexible on how to connect to this network.

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) 

A standardized communication channel for trading partners to send not only electronic invoices, purchases orders and other business documents, but also facilitate e-payments,

inventory & Access Point Messaging .

How to connect to the Peppol Network?

You can get connected to the Peppol Network through certified Access Point providers or PEPPOL Ready Service Providers with solutions already connected to the network. SQL account is ready to connect to PEPPOL now. 

Select your solution

Purchase SQL Account which is

Peppol Ready Solution Providers, which are connected to the network.

Step 1.

Register and connect to Peppol Network

Register your business in the Global Directory with your business UEN.

Step 2.

Start sending and receiving E-Invoices 

Find out your business partner's Peppol ID to send E-Invoices.


Step 3. 

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